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Fair Play (DVD and Gimmick) by Steve Haynes - Trick

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Paul Harris Presents Fair Play Gimmick created by Steve Haynes & Uday Jadugar


Hanging from your keychain is a clear photo holder. Locked inside is a scrap of paper with a secret message. Your spectator holds the keychain message in her hands. You then borrow ANY business card, ANY coin and ANY dollar bill. Your Spectator FAIRLY places ANY one of the three objects in HER Pocket. It's a completely free choice. She then FAIRLY gives you ANY one of the other two objects to hold in YOUR hand. She keeps the third FAIRLY CHOSEN object in her hand. THE BUSINESS CARD, THE COIN, THE BILL. SHE DECIDES WHERE TO PUT EACH ONE. NO Forces. Her choices are FREE. She can change her mind as many times as she wants! THE KEY CHAIN PREDICTION SHE'S BEEN HOLDING THE ENTIRE TIME IS THEN READ: IT'S 100% ACCURATE!

(EXAMPLE) POCKET HAS CARD I HAVE THE COIN YOU HAVE THE BILL And yes..The keychain prediction can be completely examined! Beyond any doubt..Fair Play is the Fairest of them all! An astonishing new gimmick for Corbuzier's Free Will plot. SPECTATOR makes ALL the choices NO FORCES SPECTATOR CAN CHANGE HER MIND AS MANY TIMES AS SHE WANTS ALL CHOICES ARE 100% FREE CHOICES AND EVEN MORE FAIR SPECTATOR HOLDS THE PREDICTION FROM THE START NO SWITCHES OR MOVES NOTHING TO ADD OR TAKE AWAY NO ELECTRONICS RESETS IN SECONDS SPECTATOR CAN COMPLETELY EXAMINE THE PREDICTION ALL THREE OBJECTS ARE BORROWED The Fair Play Gimmick is Completely Self-Contained and Self-Working. Just snap it onto your key chain and you're always ready to play!

FAIR PLAY MAKE THE ONLY POSSIBLE CHOICE TODAY! INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLAY! COMING SOON... JAPANESE (Gimmick includes Japanese characters) UK EDITION (Gimmick uses the word "note" instead of "bill")

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